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One day I found a well established beehive in a discarded drum on my property. I phoned the Council who would remove it for $ 60, That's when I contacted Adrian Pohio, a professional beekeeper. "Yes, I will come and remove it and add it to my collection". This was the beginning of a continuing co-operation: about 80 hives from Adrian's workforce winter every year on our property in return  for delicious honey: Nature's Country Gold - Rewarewa, Manuka & Farmland (I had never tasted anything like this, absolutely mouth watering). Our 10 acre block is run organically, a welcome situation when considering the worldwide fight for survival of these magnificent little insects, in many ways part of the lifeblood of human existence. Over the years I learned many things about beekeeping, particularly that getting stung is the the bee's request for respect and recognition of their contribution to our life. Adrian's bees collect honey tirelessly deep in the King Country, Coromandel, Waikato and other places off the beaten track. They respond to their keepers also tireless care and reward us with Natures Country Gold honey."

Rainer Eschenbruch



"Recently my partner and I were sick with the flu, so we purchased a kilo of Farmland Honey at our local farmer's market. It provided immense relief and also helped us to recover. I have been buying a kilo every week since, impressed as I was with the quality and taste. The Nature's Country Gold range of pure New Zealand honey provides energy, relief from cold symptoms and an excellent daily dose of the vitamin B complex, which promotes longevity and cellular integrity."
Eternal thanks - Taliesin Ward

"Nature’s Country Gold produces an outstanding quality product that rivals any of its competitors.  The honey is pure liquid gold with distinct subtle flavours.  It is like no other honey I have ever tasted.  Gone is the bitter taste, hard textured honey you find at the supermarket.  I leave those products on the shelf and buy my honey direct from Lania and Adrian Pohio at the Hamilton Farmers Market.

Once you have tasted Natures Country Gold you will never touch any other honey again.  The colour, flavour and texture define this honey, which clearly shows expertise and care has gone into harvesting and production.  The company name reflects the quality of the honey.  Nature’s Country Gold is passionate about their business, product and service.

I have tried every flavour produced by Nature’s Country Gold and each one is as good as the next.  After being away overseas I cannot wait to get home to open up the delicious honey to have on my toast.  I have introduced friends and business clients to Natures Country Gold and they have said it is the best they have ever tasted.

The Manuka Boosta bars I can testify too.  The bars are full of goodness, are nutritional and taste better than any other bar I have tried.  I took a variety of Manuka Boosta bars with me to China last year as a nutritional option to have in another country.  I would recommend anyone travelling to take these with you.  They are a good pick me up on busy schedules home and away and with the 18% Manuka honey contained in each bar, it does not get any better than that.

Make sure the next honey you buy is Nature’s Country Gold."

Kay M Gregan - NZ Travel Brokers – Hamilton (NZ)


"Great consistency in product. Prompt supply when we order online. I have been using Rewarewa honey in my tea instead of sugar. Tastes wonderful.

Cheers - Geeta"


"I have purchased Natures Country Gold honey for several years now and I have found it to be consistent in both taste and texture I would recommend all their flavours. My special favourite being Rewarewa - a teaspoon in my morning tea and as a treat at lunchtime a teaspoon in black coffee."
Gordon Ford
100 Clarkin Road


"I can say "Natures Country Gold" honey is SUPER, after all I do get a "lick off a stick"!! I would eat it at every meal if I was allowed!!"
Faye Ford



"I choose Natures Country Gold Honey over any other brand because it is a high quality product. The honey is natural, versatile and tastes great. I know I am getting the health benefits only real natural honey provides."
Kushla Dansey

About Us

In 2005 Adrian and Lania Pohio had the opportunity to purchase 120 hives from Ohura deep in the King Country, after discovering a passion for beekeeping. This was the beginning of our journey with Natures Country Gold.
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Our customers say

Nature’s Country Gold produces an outstanding quality product that rivals any of its competitors. 

The honey is pure liquid gold with distinct subtle flavours.  It is like no other honey I have ever tasted.
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